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When it comes to intimate encounters, people have diverse preferences and desires. In the realm of adult entertainment, escorts play a significant role in providing companionship and fulfilling various fantasies. One particular area of interest is the practice known as “Ass to Mouth” (ATM), which may intrigue some individuals seeking escort services.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Ass to Mouth, commonly referred to as ATM, is a sexual practice that involves the movement of the penis or other objects from the anus to the mouth. It is important to note that engaging in ATM requires explicit consent and open communication between all parties involved. This practice, like any other sexual act, varies in popularity and acceptance among individuals.

Just like any other individuals, escorts have their own personal preferences and boundaries. While some escorts may be open to engaging in ATM, others may not offer it as part of their services. It is crucial to communicate openly and respectfully with escorts to ensure compatibility and mutual agreement regarding specific activities.

Yes, you can request specific services from an escort. However, it is essential to communicate your desires respectfully and ensure that the requested activities align with the escort’s boundaries and preferences. Open communication and mutual agreement are key in creating a positive experience. 

If the escort lists the activities on their profile there is a good chance that they maybe into it but you still need to confirm with the escort when you are making the booking. 

Some activities incur extra charges or may only be available at certain times etc… 

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